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Sports Trophy Taonga Whakapapa - Volleyball - M05107
This Taonga (Spiritual Relic) comes in the form of a Kotiate (War Club). It is carved of northern Kauri. It is the pattern work placed upon this Kotiate (War Club) that is of significance. The Kowhaiwhai pattern represents the journey of the Ngati Tuwharetoa people coming together to celebrate the various talent, skill and Whanaungatanga (Kinship) of their Marae (Village, Church) and Hapu (Subtribe ). The Manaia (Spiritual Guardian) at the end of Kotiate (War Club) depicts the body or committee of Nga Rehia O Tuwharetoa. Being the Waka (Vessel) to move , motion and carry the Kaupapa (Reason Of Being) of the tribal celebrations. The carved figure below the Kotiate (War Club) acknowledges and honours the Kaitiaki (Guardian) Rongomai who comes in many spiritual forms and ways. Here Rongomai (Guardian) is seen as a comet. These Kaitiaki (Guardians) and beliefs belong to the Ngati Tuwharetoa people. Holding strong to these Taonga (Spiritual Relics) is the focal point of Nga Rehia O Tuwharetoa (Tribal Sports Celebration). Holding on to these Taonga (Spiritual Relics) brings the Ngati Tuwharetoa people closer to love , God and Destiny. Which is the focal point and essence of the Maori People.


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