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Sports Trophy Taonga Whakapapa - Touch Rugby - M05108
This Taonga (Spiritual Relic) comes in the form of a Tokipoutangata (Ceremonial Adze) . The Tokipoutangata (Ceremonial Adze) was a badge of high rank. Placed within this Toki is one of the highest ranks and the most prominent Tupuna (Ancestor) of all time. It features the Tupuna (Ancestor) Ngatoroirangi at the top of handle. It was he who navigated the Arawa canoe from Hawaiki (Once Homeland Of The Maori) . After voyaging inland to claim land for his decendents Ngatoroirangi climbed the summit of the Maunga (Mountain) Tongariro. A fierce blizzard became upon him. To save himself from the cold he summoned through prayer the spirits of his sisters in Hawaiki (Once Homeland of The Maori). They who were spiritually connected with Ruaumoko (The Lord of Volcanoes) sent fourth the two fire spirits Te Pupu and Te Hoata. They can be seen flowing up each side of the toki handle. Ruaumoko (Lord Of Volcanoes) is the figurehead placed below Ngatoroirangi. The figure at base which holds this Tokipoutangata (Ceremonial Adze) acknowledges the Tupuna (Ancestor) Tia. The ancestor who is responsible for the naming of the lake and region . Taupo nui a Tia (The Great Cloak Of Tia). These are the stories and beliefs of the Ngati Tuwharetoa dynasty. Within the sport of touch rugby navigation, perseverance and team work are key components needed. But more important as in the Marae (Church), Hapu (Subtribe) and Iwi (Tribe). The qualities of faith, Wairua (Spiritual Essence) and Whanaungatanga (Kinship) is the essential Mauri (Force) of being.


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