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Sports Trophy Taonga Whakapapa - Basketball - M05109
This Tohu (Sign) features a Taonga (Spiritual Relic) in the form of a Wahaika (Battle Axe). This is a symbolic weapon of rank. It calls for perseverance, skill and excellence of the competitors of this Taonga in order to obtain it. Placed within the body of this Wahaika ( Battle Axe), is a Rangatira (Prominent Leader) figurehead. This represents the paramount lineage, duty and figurehead within the Ngati Tuwharetoa tribe. The Manaia (Spiritual Guardian) placed at the end of the Wahaika (Battle Axe) represents Manunui a Ruakapanga (Prominent Ancestor) in the form of a spiritual bird. Its journey swirls through the pattern work scattered up each side of the Taonga (Spiritual Relic). This Taonga is placed upon the Kaitiaki Horomangi (Guardian Protector of the Realm) who is seen in the form of a water guardian. He is a guardian of our lake. The patterns are carved in a symbolic fashion that acknowledges our Moana. Its Wairua (Spiritual Essence) flows as does the Whanaungatanga (Kinship) of Tuwharetoa through the celebrations of Nga Rehia o Tuwharetoa. This piece is carved of 30,000 year old swamp kauri sourced from the far northern reaches of Aotearoa (Land Of The Long White Cloud).


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