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Sports Trophy Taonga Whakapapa - Rugby - M05110
This Taonga (Spiritual relic) comes in the form of a symbolic Toki (War Axe). It is carved from 30,000 year old swamp Kauri which once stood in the far northern reaches of Aotearoa (Land Of The Long White Cloud). It features a Manaia (Spiritual Guardian) head at the end of the handle. This form represents Taniwha (The spiritual protector). The form acknowledges the role, duty and obligations of Nga Tane (The Male Line) within each Hapu (Subtribe) to take care of, guide, nurture, love and protect all Tamariki (Children Of God), Wahine (Female Line) within their Whakapapa (Genealogy). The pattern covering the handle is called Niho Taniwha (The Teeth of The Protector). It symbolizes strength from Nga Hau E Wha (The Four Sacred Winds) above, below, around and within. This Taonga (Spiritual Relic) is held by the Tupuna (Ancestor) Tuwharetoa. He is shown with the face of a Toa (Warrior) yet the spiritual body form acknowledges all of the Mokopuna (Grandchildren) that have come in his wake. The patterns covering his body represent the Wairua (Spiritual Essence) of the Ngati Tuwharetoa tribe.


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