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M05309 - Toki Pou Tangata
Wood Carving. Materials: Matai (NZ native timber) and Pounamu (NZ Jade) blade.
Sizes: 40cm x 5cm x 22cm.
Traditionally, Toki Pou Tangata were a status symbol and held by the highest ranking member of the tribe,
the chief. When the owner died, the blade was taken off and attached to a new carved handle.
This new Toki Pou Tangata was then given to the chiefs successor as a symbol of his or her rank.
The Toki Pou Tangata was not used as a carving tool but only as a weapon.
Toki Pou Tangata were one of the most prized possessions owned not only by the chief and his family but by the entire tribe.
Toki Pou Tangata is considered one of the most suitable gifts to express ones highest respect for another person. It would also make a wonderful gift for those people graduating, or starting a new career.
It is also exclusively suitable as a unique and very personal corporate gift to a respected business relation or to cement important business relationships as well.


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