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M05317 - Tiki
MDF Wood Carving. Materials: MDF custom board, Paua, sand stone finish.
Sizes: 37cm x 31cm x 4cm. Designed to be hung on the wall.
The Tiki is a very ancient symbol and is by far the least understood so there are a number of legends about its meaning. Some say he came from the stars and that he was the first man of the world. He is also often depicted with webbed feet which suggests a strong link to the creatures of the sea.
Tiki was respected as the teacher of all things and the owner of this symbol is therefore seen to possess clarity of thought, loyalty, great inner knowledge and strength of character. The Tiki is also regarded in some areas as a fertility symbol.
Hand carved MDF wood with a sand stone finish and Paua shell inlay. Nigel has only created 10 per series of each design (each unique) so be in to own a piece of art sort after by collectors all around the world.


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