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Darren Keith

With a great sense of pride and as his European agent I hereby introduce New Zealand artist Darren Keith. On this page you will find samples of his drawings and paintings, Darren also creates beautiful ceramics.

Darren Keith Most of the images shown on this page are of works that can be purchased. Larger images of the artworks are also available on request. If you wish to purchase artwork or commission Darren to make a work for you, or for information about prices and availability, please contact me through
Phone: 0031 (0)6 120 55 817.
Here is Darren’s own Art Bio and background information: I work in a range of mediums and techniques. I have always been a figurative artist and when I was young, I taught myself how to draw through the study of comic book superheroes and drawing has always been there for me, even in dreams I have drawn. Through observing the human person and exploring the history of man from which I gain inspiration for many of my works. I look at the way the human body moves within its environment, the way we interact with one another and especially the cultural and spiritual diversities that we each practice.
Through observation of those cultural diversities, there is always an encyclopedia of visual material that I can use to create compositions of visual culture. Through large migrations of multi-cultured people the world has changed dramatically over the past twenty years. I think it’s refreshing to experience all those amazing cultures, their food, their music and especially their art.

M04312 - Uenuku (2010)M04311 - UntitledM04310 - Karanga - The Calling
M04309 - Eyes of the OracleM04308 - Eyes of the Oracle - 2M04307 - Polynesian Voyager
M04306 - Polynesian TravellerM04305 - Haerenga - JourneyM04304 - Karangataa - Not  responding to call
M04303 - Daughter 
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