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Fading Embrace - M04128
Acrylic, mixed medium on canvas

This painting depicts two lovers locked in an embrace of apparent intimacy. The washed out background and lack of detail represent a relationship that, while appearing close on the surface, lacks depth and real intimacy. The panel on the left is a dot-dot-dot, dash-dash-dash, sequence repeated over and over, in reference to the Morse code signal for SOS. This painting reflects society`s casual approach to educating our young on interpersonal relationships, compromise, tolerance and conflict resolution, and our lack of effective role models or examples even amongst our modern leaders and is a comment on the modern tendencies towards living for the me and now, rather than consideration for others and the good of the whole. Aesthetically, the shiny metallic distress call is attractive and I am hopeful that mankind has the intelligence and the foresight to answer the call, before it is too late.


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