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Matariki Gallery, online Gallery Maori Art and Crafts in The Netherlands, is owned and operated by me, a Pakeha who once lived in Aotearoa, New Zealand, with a strong passion for Maori Culture, Maori Art, Maori Whakairo, Maori Tikanga, Maori Waiata and Kapa Haka and still learning Te Reo Maori every day.

Aotearoa lives in my heart forever.
For already 13 years now it is my personal mission to introduce Maori Art in The Netherlands and my Matariki Gallery gives shape to my love for the whenua Aotearoa and my deep respect for Maori culture and art.

Some 30 years ago I lived in beautiful Aotearoa - New Zealand and have since then embraced Maori culture and what I do for my gallery is my koha (gift) back to the tangata whenua, the people of the land Aotearoa, the original inhabitants, the Maori.

To those who love New Zealand and Maori culture, this online gallery is a unique opportunity to be able to buy a gift with Maori symbolism here in The Netherlands. The carvings, artefacts and products are directly imported from New Zealand which makes it simple, easy and quick for you to buy it here in The Netherlands.

You can use the navigation buttons at the left side of this page but by clicking the images at the top of this page you will also enter some of the pages directly.

Just send me an email to when you are interested in one of the items such as carvings, pendants, prints, giftware, woodcarvings and I will gladly give you a free pricequote and also advise you which Maori symbol and meaning would suit your gift the best.
Please add the M-numbers of all the items of your interest. You will soon receive my answer, free pricequote and advice.

Looking forward to meet you here online,
Nga mihi nui, kind regards,
Jolande Quispel,
owner/operator Matariki Gallery

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