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Jewellery Giftware Accessories

The carving pendants which Matariki offers you are all hand-carved by New Zealand artists. You can make a choice from the following materials:

Pendants of Bone Pendants of Greenstone Pendants of Paua

Jewellery - Pendants - Greenstone / Jade (Pounamu)

Greenstone or New Zealand Jade (Pounamu) carvings, handcrafted by New Zealand artists and directly imported from New Zealand. Unique designs with special Maori symbolism.
M07608 - Jade/Greenstone Carving Flower Jade Roimata (Teardrop)M07472 - Jade/Greenstone Carving Bound TokiM07471 - Jade/Greenstone Carving Bound Toki
M07470 - Jade/Greenstone Carving Drop Pendant/TokiM07287 - Jade/Greenstone Carving design 'Paua - Abalone Shell'M06893 - Jade/Greenstone Drop
M06891 - Jade/Greenstone DropM06562 - Jade/Greenstone Carving Large HeartM01802 - Jade/Greenstone Carving Rei Puta - Kokopu Jade
M01801 - Jade/Greenstone Carving Flower Jade Drop PendantM01800 - Jade/Greenstone Carving Tangiwai Drop Pendant 
Maori Bonecarving Maori Woodcarving Teko Teko Maori Greenstone pendant
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