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Step into the world of Pacific beauty, make your choice from:

Jewellery Giftware Accessories

The carving pendants which Matariki offers you are all hand-carved by New Zealand artists. You can make a choice from the following materials:

Pendants of Bone Pendants of Greenstone Pendants of Paua

Jewellery - Pendants - Greenstone / Jade (Pounamu)

Greenstone or New Zealand Jade (Pounamu) carvings, handcrafted by New Zealand artists and directly imported from New Zealand. Unique designs with special Maori symbolism. If you are not looking for a specific Maori symbol but still want a unique Maori pendant, I also have now in my collection the Jade Drop Pendants, so called Touch Stones which represent a natural connection with the whenua (land) Aotearoa (N.Z.). They are handcarved in several shapes and measures and feature the stunning diversity of New Zealand Jade (Pounamu) from rich greens and swirling patterns to the vibrant colours of the rare Flower Jades. Detailed explanations about these Jade pendants and all the different Maori symbols at the page Symbolism. Wax cord in colour black or natural and Jade toggle included.
For enquiries, orders, availability and/or non-committal quotes please use
You are welcome to find my collection beautiful Jade pendants in several price ranges underneath by using the scrollbar. If you find one-off this means there is only one unique carving, as soon as it is sold it will be removed from the website; limited edition means there are only a few of that carving; all the others are handcarved (so still unique) in small series. Click on a thumbnail to see the full sized picture, the description and number.

M07592 - Jade/Greenstone Carving Jade MatauM07387 - Jade/Greenstone Carving TwistM07344 - Jade/Greenstone Carving Pikorua - Twist
M07287 - Jade/Greenstone Carving design 'Paua - Abalone Shell'M07238 - Jade/Greenstone Carving Small Bound Jade plateM07237 - Jade/Greenstone Carving Small Bound Jade plate
M07236 - Jade/Greenstone Carving Small Bound Jade plateM07162 - Jade/Greenstone Carving TwistM06893 - Jade/Greenstone Drop
M06891 - Jade/Greenstone DropM06650 - Jade/Greenstone Carving Drop Pendant or Touch StoneM06562 - Jade/Greenstone Carving Large Heart
M01892 - Jade/Greenstone Carving Hook/Tiki/Koru 
Maori Bonecarving Maori Woodcarving Teko Teko Maori Greenstone pendant
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