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Matariki presents to you several Maori art forms:

Whakaahua - Paintings

Whakairo - Carving

Raranga - Weaving

General information of Maori arts and crafts is specified underneath on this page.
Specific information of the specific art forms of Maori art is visible on the pages behind the buttons underneath.
Make a choice from the different art forms, every button leads the way to a specific Maori artform and to the profiles and works of many Maori artists in that particular artform.

Paintings Carving Weaving

It is not surprising that in a country like New Zealand arts and crafts are being practiced on such a large scale.
The beautiful nature alone supplies an abundance of influences which an artist would want to catch if only to show it to the rest of the world.
In a country of space, colours, a beautiful nature and a lovely climate, sun but also much rain, where it is always green and where the air is fresh; many works of art are being created.
Next to that in this country full of beautiful natural phenomena there is a definite special atmosphere of freedom, space and the feeling of being able to go into literally every direction without any restrictions.

As a visitor you will also feel the mysticism, the history, the direct influence of Maori into day to day life.
After all it is their country and they are rightfully proud of it.
Traveling through the country you will be touched by the beautiful arts and crafts you will discover in for Maori people so memorable places.

Because of Maori awareness nowadays much attention is given to the Maori culture and tourists can get acquainted with it in many ways.
Sacred places can be visited and many marae (meeting grounds in front of the meeting house) and whare runanga (meeting house) can be entered all under guidance of course.
The tourists can experience cultural ceremonies in several places and therefore understand more about the Maori traditions and customs and surely their art forms.
It is also possible to attend a cultural experience at a Maori family home or even an entire Maori village and enjoy a special meal cooked in a traditional ground oven (Hangi) covered with hot stones and leaves.
Furthermore the traditional musical instruments (Taonga Puoro), the songs (Waiata), the dance (several Haka and Poi dances), traditional greetings (Hongi) and welcome ceremonies (Powhiri, Karanga) and Ta Moko (Tattoo) are all in the picture.
This artform of tribal tattoo on face and body of the Maori is connected with the history of his or her Tribe (Iwi) or Subtribe (Hapu).

Maori culture is closely connected with the old stories, legends and myths, which for centuries are passed on from father to son.
One wants to keep alive the old patterns (kowhaiwhai) and decorative techniques and therefore use them, therefore this art gets a special unique dimension.
Of course contemporary materials and techniques are being used as well; this is exactly why this combination makes this art so original and special.

Many Maori artist wants to give shape to the fact that he or she is proud to be a Maori.
With the art therefore the artists show a piece of the culture they are part of and which connects them directly to their ancestors. Every Maori artist needs the approval of his tribal elders to practice his craft. The elders of the tribe play an important role in this. Maori legends and often their history of creation and the stories of the Maori gods play an important role in the images that are created. Maori art is closely connected to the Maori religion.

There are also New Zealand artists who are not from Maori descent but who feel closely connected to the native inhabitants (tangata whenua) and give direct shape to that connection in their art.

Not everyone is capable of traveling to the other side of the world.
How nice it is to be able to look at and possibly buy these beautiful works of art in this way.
And even if you are fortunate to travel to New Zealand and you are back in The Netherlands again it is now possible to buy a work of art or artefact at Gallery Matariki. For yourself or as a gift to that special person with whom you want to share the unique experience which is traveling to Aotearoa, the land of the long white cloud and their inhabitants the Maori……

Maori Bonecarving Maori Woodcarving Teko Teko Maori Greenstone pendant
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