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All Things Cherished / Kingi - M04554
Limited edition print Small (150) / original date 2007 / edition release 2007 / framed sizes : 45,9 x 35,8 cm / original medium acrylic on canvas/ image size 27 x 21cm/ media size 38 x 30.5cm / media : 310 Hahnemuhle archival German etching
Limited edition print Medium (75) / original date 2007 / edition release 2007/ original medium acrylic on canvas/ image size 55 x 43,5cm / media size 61 x 48,5cm / media : 310 Hahnemuhle archival German etching

Sir Kingi Matutaera Ihaka. Sir Kingi Ihaka is well known for his waiata, his compositions and his role as an Anglican minister however his accomplishments and dedication to Maori throughout his life cannot be measured. He encouraged, motivated and shared his views through waiata and therefore his dream is real. In his waiata Nau mai piki mai the words carry much depth and the character of the man and his dream is apparent.Let the direction of all faces be towards the mountains where all things are cherished. Our maunga ( mountains) are symbols for us.Symbols of long gone ancestors, symbols of belonging and whenua, symbols of life and sustenance. Understanding these things can make the difference between appreciating the beauty of a maunga and that of a cherished maunga. Above the maunga I have placed members of my own whanua and they themselves look up towards the mountains. They are cherished and they themselves cherish. It is so good so pleasant for all to think as one. Within the maunga is a Hei Tiki, a symbol of life and whakapapa. The tiki is pulling together different strands and merging them to become one. Love, honesty and understanding can bring people together , attributes that Sir Ihaka shared to many. This one cord also represents our umbilical cord to the whenua.The takitoru pattern binding one side to the other. The words of this waiata relay our hopes and dreams. It is what we wish the world to be but the reality sometimes is not as sweet. For me, it is also tinged with sadness as not everyone cherishes our maunga, our values of whanau and kaitiakitanga. It can be however something to strive for as indeed Sir Kingi Ihaka did in all his achievements. The first verse Nau mai, Piki mai. : Nau mai! Piki mai! E nga iwi e, Nga reo, nga mana, tene ra koutou katoa, Whakamihi o nga mea nui Acknowleding the important things in life.


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