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Tohu - M04559
Limited edition print Small (150) / original date 2007 / edition release 2007 / framed sizes : 40 x 50 cm /original medium acrylic on canvas/ image size 35.5 x 19.5cm/ media size 44 x 30cm / media : 310 Hahnemuhle archival German etching
Limited edition print Medium (75) / original date 2007 / edition release 2007 / framed sizes : 50 x 70 cm /original medium acrylic on canvas/ image size 27.5 x 48cm/ media size 44.5 x 61cm / media : 310 Hahnemuhle archival German etching

This print is from a painting called Remembrance. The foreground of this design is based on markings which are of special significance to me. The symbols are some of my personal and treasured tools of remembrance. They are symbols for me and they will be symbols for my children, it is my right and my role to remember. Therefore the source of the symbol will never die. They will never be forgotten.
The cross represents past sacrifice. The Waka Tupapaku is my claim, my right to ownership and also my obligation and responsibility as handed down by them. I have used sand and earth to build up the pattern Unaunahi which was carved into the wood to highlight the markings. This was to enhance these patterns as another marking that links me to the owner and creator of this object and the region of the carving style, Taitokerau.
The markings engraved into the cross are markings of love, remembrance and ownership.The marks of my tupuna Kawiti when signing Te Tiriti o Waitangi. Markings from a Danish Royal burial mound at Jelling, text from an inherited antique inkwell from England, tattoo from my father, tattoo from myself and my signature as I am all these symbols through my heritage. These are our symbols, symbols of us all.
The poppy is a symbol we use in Australia and NZ on Anzac (Australia and NZ Army Corp) day. It is a reminder of all the men lost in wars. Poppies grew in Normandy in WW1 in the fields where hundreds of our men were killed. We buy sell and gift them and all wear them on this day. However it is a symbol of loss in all wars for us.


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