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M09111 - Aotearoa - Earth & Sky DVD
Aotearoa - Earth & Sky is an extraordinary journey through New Zealands landscape and the traditional Maori stories of its creation. The film was produced in association with Te Ara-The Encylopedia of New Zealand. Soundtrack and taonga puoro: Richard Nunns and Paddy Free. Vocals : Waimihi Hotere. Narration by Joe Harawira. The DVD is available in English, Maori, Mandarin, Japanese and Korean. The sounds of the taonga puoro (traditional Maori musical instruments) and the images of New Zealands nature in combination with the narration of the origins of New Zealand as well as many Maori legends, stories and cultural symbolism make this DVD very special and unique. The natural world of Aotearoa is brought alive in this video, wonderful atmosphere, beautiful shots of Aotearoa, the earth, the sky, clouds, mists, water, waves, the wind, te wairua, the Maori history and legends of te whenua, it has it all. Packaging looks like a booklet and contains information and images. orders/pricequotes:


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