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You can make a choice from the following artists:


Rita Baker

Rita Baker with some of her traditional Maori Flax weaving artworks. Rita has a Certificate in traditional and contemporary Maori weaving and attended the Maori Fibre Weaving course at UNITEC in Auckland, New Zealand.
Her husband is of Ngapuhi and Ngati Rangi descent.

We proudly represent her works of art and act as her official agent for the Dutch market.

She is enjoying the traditional art form of Maori weaving very much and creates beautiful Kete ( hand plaited Maori bags and Maori baskets) in contemporary designs as well as traditional patterns.

Also she creates beautiful ‘Wall Hangings’ which can give your room, hall or office that special Pacific look and feel.
These Wall Hangings are art works combined with ancient traditional Maori craft and all that for a fair price.
In a price range starting from 100 euro you can own such a fine handplaited piece of art for your wall. (Excluding freight costs in the Netherlands),
You can choose underneath (please use inner-scroll) from several types and sizes of hand plaited Maori Kete and Maori Pikau as well as the Maori Wall hangings.
Small handbags, medium handbags, large shopping bags, Pikau – backpacks, as well as the Kete Whakairo with 'carving like' patterns, the wall decorations with each its own colour, symbolism and style.

All these pieces of Maori weaving art are handcrafted (plaited and woven) by Rita and therefore the images are guidelines for no weaving will ever be the same and that makes them so unique and special, real one-offs.

The natural fibres matched with beautiful subtle colours give them exotic accents. They righteously deserve to be seen as true art in its most natural way. Superb gifts for that special person or that special occasion.

Click on the images to see the enlarged picture of the Kete, Pikau or Wall Hanging.
If you want to ask a noncommittal quote for these works of art please feel free to do so at please add the numbers of the Kete, Pikau or Wall Hanging of your interest.

M04434 M04433 M04435
M04401 M04403 M04405
M04406 M04407 M04408
M04400 M04402 M04404
M04410 M04411 M04414
M04412 M04415 M04409
M04413 M04417 M04418
M04416 M04419 M04420
M04421 M04424 M04423
M04422 M04425 M04426
M04432 M04427 M04430
M04428 M04431 M04429
M04436 M04437 Wall Hanging
Green and natural Kete - M04438 Blue and white Kete - M04439 Wall Hanging
Wall hanging Black and Red - M04441 Wall hanging Black and White Triangle - M04442 Wall hanging
Wall Hanging Wall Hanging Wall hanging
Wall Hanging Wall Hanging Wall Hanging
Place Mat - M04451 Wine bottle holder - M04452 Place Mat - M04453
Kete Kai - M04454 Kete Muka - M04456 Paua in a bed of Harakeke - M04457
Small decorative kete with handle - M04458 Small kete for jewellery - M04459 Small kete for jewellery - M04461
Putiputi   Flax flowers - M04460 Putiputi   Flax flowers -
M04492 Putiputi   Flax flower art -
Putiputi   Flax flower art -
M04494 Putiputi   Flax flower art -
M04495 Putiputi   Flax flower art -
Putiputi   Flax flowers -
M04496 Large Womans Piupiu - M04462 Piupiu fit to measure - M04462A
Purple Blue and Red Piupiu -
M04463 Mens piupiu  with Taniko Waistband -
M04464 Mini Piupiu in Picture Frame -
Children size Piupiu 2 to 5 years old -
M04466 Kete Kiekie -
M04467 Medium shoulder bag  -
Small black kete evening bag -
M04469 Red and Light Blue Kete -
M04470 Small kete with partial Patiki pattern -
Pikau all Natural Colour -
M04472 Two Colour Pikau Black and Red -
M04473 Pikau extra large -
Pikau -
M04475 Flat Bottom Pikau -
M04476 Black and White Pikau -
Pikau -
M04478 Pikau with Patiki Pattern -
M04479 Natural Colour Pikau -
Kete Whakairo -
M04481 Kete Whakairo -
M04482 Kete Whakairo -
Kete Whakairo -
M04484 Kete Whakairo -
M04485 Kete Whakairo -
Kete Whakairo -
M04487 Kete Whakairo -
M04488 Large Kete -
Large Kete -
M04490 Kete Whakairo -
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